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In 2016, Dr. Elena Fioravanzo utilised her 30+ years experience in computational chemistry to found ToxNavigation. The company's mission is to provide consultancy and training for in silico toxicology.

Prior to the pandemic, ToxNavigation provided classroom courses to toxicologists and chemist. Renowned lecturers in their field such as Prof. Mark Cronin and Prof. Judith Madden were invited to contribute.

Once the pandemic made face-to-face teaching impossible, We moved our courses to a video-streamed delivery format restricted to small groups to encourage discussion and questions . Over this period we "remotely" ran 20 courses and trained over 100 scientists.  Some of these courses were open to the public. Some were delivered to order on request from a single company.

However we have now moved to an eLearning platform for the following reasons:
  • This is a fast moving discipline. New tools are released. The platform provides us with a method to regularly update the course and deliver it to the participants rather than have an information snap-shot when the course was delivered live. This is the reason we offer a 12 month subscription.
  • Our original course was only 10 hours. Now we have over 16 hours of material. This becomes difficult to fit people's schedule as "live" sessions
  • Everyone has a day job. The platform avoids the issue of missing a scheduled video session due to an emergency. You study in your own time.
  • Allows us to set exam quizzes and home assignments using software with automated marking to properly test your knowledge. Currently there are 11 quizzes and 18 home assignments in the NAMs course.
  • Allowed us to provide a useful resources database, community message board forum for in silico toxicology and a technical blog all in the same platform.

The one thing we didn't want to sacrifice from our original courses was tutor guidance. So we have added two one-to-one sessions that can be scheduled with the tutor. We also provide email support throughout and access to a monitored message board forum for the course.
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Tutor-assisted eLearning course
Dr Elena Fioravanzo has 30 years experience in cheminformatics and the Managing Director of ToxNavigation - a consultancy utilising the latest methods of computational toxicology to facilitate the chemical risk assessment process.  Elena has presented at many international conferences and has currently 36 papers and 85 posters published.
Managing Director
Peter Russell has over 25 years experience in configuring, demonstrating and training scientists in the use of cheminformatics software and database systems.

Program Director

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