Custom courses for companies

Commission ToxNavigation to design a course specifically to your company's requirements, focused on your chemistry and based around one or more of our standard courses:
  • NAMs - use and application of QSAR and read-across
  • Navigating the OECD QSAR Toolbox
  • Mutagenicity and ICH M7 
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Benefits of a custom course

Your course delivery method

ToxNavigation provides courses by eLearning, video-streamed as well as on-site lectures.

 Typically, a custom course would include eLearning with a mix of live video-streamed sessions or even on-site attendance by the tutor.

Your case studies

Part of the training program could include working through one of your real-life case studies.

We can also focus the live sessions to your chemistry and regulatory requirements.

Your dates and times

Scheduling for a group of scientists is always hard. With a custom course, you get to choose times and dates of any live sessions with the possibility to reschedule in the event of an unseen emergency.

Benefits of a custom course with eLearning

Your own branded eLearning platform

ToxNavigation will set up your own private eLearning platform with your custom curriculum. It will be branded with your company logo.  You can also specify the length of the subscription to the platform. 

Your private message forum

A private message forum for your company is provided for your company to ask questions or discuss matters about in silico toxicology. ToxNavigation monitors the message board to answer any questions.

Your ability to substitute trainees

Employees sometimes leave your company mid-course.  In such cases you can substitute a new employee to the course while your subscription is live at no additional cost.

Your easy to access to resources and updates

Most toxicologists don't do in silico toxicology every day. The eLearning platform is logically sectioned so revision is easily navigated. 

As this is a fast moving discipline, an update to the course is provided every year

Your ability to add your own reference material

You have the option to add your own material to the course.  For example, you may wish to add recordings of the ToxNavigation live sessions or maybe add your own SOPs

Your management reports

To ensure all trainees are working their way through the course, you can request a progress report at any time. 

At the end of the course, the trainees will get an attendance certificate.

To discuss your requirements or seek further information, please email us at

Testimonials from learners who have commissioned a custom course for their company
NAMs eLearning course
Really good course, very well constructed with good balance between theory and practical examples. The e-learning platform is well structured and very easy to navigate in. Elena and Peter have always answered to our questions promptly and in a friendly way. Elena have a great amount of knowledge in the field and is passionate. Training highly recommended.

Blandine Doornaert,
Regulatory Toxicologist, Solvay

Elena is very knowledgeable and willing…
Elena is very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions, which is very helpful. The course was well structured, a good combination of theory and practice, and spread over 4 days which was helpful to assimilate information and prioritise work commitments. The course was also recorded and provided to the participants after the course; in this way, it can be watched again to reflect on the content and examples. Elena also provided useful references and resources for future use. Fully recommended for chemists and toxicologists

Dr Rosalinda Gioia,
Principal: Science, Yordas Group

Structured and comprehensive lectures…
Structured and comprehensive lectures starting from basis to a large review covering many QSAR models, good balance between theory and practice, well-experienced teacher and very good shared-point to access documents. Easy interactions/exchanges.

Guy Bouvier,
Director Toxicology and Product Safety, Pierre Fabre

Training course
During the Covid period, with my team we had the opportunity to experiment a very good training with ToxNavigation to better understand how we can use QSAR and read-across. It was wonderfully organized and managed by Peter and Elena. Intensive courses with exercises, which were helpful to test knowledges and start practices. The 5 sessions were recorded and they are part of the tool provided by ToxNavigation. That is a very useful tool ! When 2 weeks later you are alone face to the tool and you don’t remember where you have to click to collect the data, you are happy to watch again this part of the training!

Fanny Boisleve,
Fragrances and materials safety assessment at CHANEL

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