Tutor-assisted eLearning courses for in silico toxicology

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 What we offer

Industry relevant courses

Our courses are focussed on the regulatory application of in silico toxicology.  As this is a fast moving discipline, we regularly upgrade our training content as new research published or new software tools are released.
  • All courses recognised by EUROTOX for ERT accredited toxicologists for Continued Professional Development
  • The trainers are also practicing consultants. Our courses have a "real-life" practical focus.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to explain complex concepts clearly. Our testimonials speak for themselves.
  • Shortlisted for the Lush Prize 2024 for Training 

In silico Toxicology Courses

For further details, please contact us at training@toxnavigation.com

Custom courses for in silico toxicology for companies and organisations

ToxNavigation designs and runs courses specifically tailored to your company's needs. The courses can be one of, or typically, a mixture of eLearning, video-streamed lectures or even an on-site event.

A course focussed on your needs, your chemistry and your regulatory environment.
Permits free discussion from the trainees without concerns of breaching confidentiality.

For further details:  please contact us at training@toxnavigation.com
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eLearning course bundles

What can you expect?

Click the monitor on the right to watch a short video giving an overview on how the eLearning application works.

The courses are tutor-assisted. There are one-to-one video sessions with the tutor and at any time you can email us with your questions or post any queries on our Community forum.
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Dr Elena Fioravanzo has 30 years experience in cheminformatics and the Managing Director of ToxNavigation - a consultancy utilising the latest methods of computational toxicology to facilitate the chemical risk assessment process.  Elena has presented at many international conferences and has currently 36 papers and 85 posters published.
Managing Director
Peter Russell has over 25 years experience in configuring, demonstrating and training scientists in the use of cheminformatics software and database systems.

Program Director

Structured courses

The course takes you step-by-step through the subject with a series of lectures, software demonstrations of freely available tools, case studies, quizzes and assignments

Expert instuctors

The program has been designed by Dr Elena Fioravanzo who has over 30 years experience in cheminformatics. She is the Managing Director of ToxNavigation - a consultancy utilising the latest methods of computational toxicology to facilitate the chemical risk assessment process. 

Flexible platform

Finding time in your day-job for continued professional development is often a struggle. For this reason, our platform is designed to be flexible so that you can educate yourself at your own pace and on your own time.
Testimonials from learners who have attended our courses

Professional training

NAMs eLearning course
Really good course, very well constructed with good balance between theory and practical examples. The e-learning platform is well structured and very easy to navigate in. Elena and Peter have always answered to our questions promptly and in a friendly way. Elena have a great amount of knowledge in the field and is passionate. Training highly recommended.

Blandine Doornaert,
Regulatory Toxicologist, Solvay

NAMs eLearning Course (QSAR and Read Across)
Great course, very insightful, providing a solid foundation of knowledge. I have learnt a lot on both the theory and application of (Q)SARs and read across. The course was easy to navigate and well presented, with a good interactive interface. The exercises throughout were helpful to test my knowledge and application of different tools. Elena and Peter were very helpful and contactable throughout. Elena has a great amount of knowledge in the field and answered any questions I had to a very high standard within helpful 1-to-1 meetings arranged within the course. Would highly recommend!

Mesha Williams,
Computational Scientist, Unilever

"I highly recommend these courses, they are really well taught and I've gained some really useful insights and key knowledge needs in these areas"

Jason Manton, Principal Toxicologist, Penman Consulting

"Fantastic course. Very clear, concise and practical teaching. Would thoroughly recommend for those who are new to QSAR/read-across, or require a 'knowledge top-up'. They are among the top in their field."

Giles Hayward, Toxicologist, Lubrizol

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